every brand starts with a story

 Before we share yours, here is a bit about ours.

After working for many years in the production industry between the United States and Hong Kong I felt like the digital scene was moving forward at an extremely fast pace due to the rise of importance of social media content for brands but somehow we, the production houses or agencies, weren’t adapting.
Costs were high, processes long, visibility very limited and originality stalling.

I felt frustrated and stuck with the “traditional” way of producing video content and no matter how many times I tried encouraging innovation within the company I worked for, I would constantly hit a wall.

I wanted to shift the way brands and individuals see content creation. Brands today need constant content in order to be relevant online, but video costs money and it takes time. I wanted to bring a solution to brands which would not only make sense financially but also reflect in quantity, quality, time and authenticity.
So with that in mind I launched PIXL in Hong Kong in February 2019 and was very quickly and pleasantly surprised on how the brands were responding, how diverse they were and how much of a need there was for this type of content.

After a successful year in Hong Kong, I decided to expend and launch in Europe. PIXL is now officially based in London, and works between the UK, France and Hong Kong


Founder and Director, Camille Lurton